Which loan is right for you?

At Grove Financial – Our Industry Partners have the loans to suit your situation:

First home buyer

Renovations or extensions


Investing in property

Bridging finance

Self employed

Debt consolidation

Owner builder

Up to 100% of the value of the property

Equity facilities

Lo Doc home loans

Bad credit history


What features do you want with your home loan?

Today there are hundreds of different home loan products on the market. To help us understand which loan type is right for you here are some of the questions we will need to consider:

Loan amount

Fixed or variable interest rate

Interest only

Introductory or honeymoon interest rate

Equity line of credit

Annual fees

Repayment term

Add ons like credit cards, cheque books and ATM access

Progress drawdowns

Portability (changing property used as security)

Repayment holidays

Early payout penalties

Lo doc home loans

Specialised security

Offset accounts

Talk to us Today

With so many products in the market and in makes sense to have an experienced adviser help you to review the many options available so call us today  to assess the best referral options of you`re your current or future home loan needs. 
Our referal partners are available to meet you either at our office, your office or your home. Please let us know what is convenient for you.

Keeping you and your books up to date!

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