Business Insurance

Building a business is hard work, time consuming and is not without risk. Many small businesses are run and managed by key people within the business. With out these key staff or business owners, the business could severely suffer or collapse.

Protecting the business is important to remove any potential financial hardship that can be caused by unforseen events.

Business Insurance covers four main types of events

  • Key Person Protection – Provides either an income or capital replacement in the event that a key person is unable to work due to illness, disability or death. This insurance assists in the potential loss of revenue or value to the business in this event.
  • Succession Planning or Buy/Sell Insurance – Provides a lump sum for the provision of paying the estate or the ill business partner in the event of an owner passing away or suffering a terminal illness or permanent disablement.
  • Business Expense Insurance – Provides an income to your business to pay for business expenses while you are unable to work.
  • Guarantor Insurance – Provides insurance for the guarantor in the event that the lender is not able to pay the loan due to illness, disability or death.

It is important that you consider the above insurances, review the amount of cover and the reasons why the cover is in place.

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